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2247 Palm Beach Lakes Blvd. - Suite 209A - West Palm Beach , Fl. 33409 - Please call us at  561-313-9429

Electrolysis will permanently remove embarrassing and unattractive superfluous hair from your face and body. We specialize in brow, lip, chin and grey hair. Electrolysis can change your life in a positive way. We all want to feel good about our appearance, but sometimes it’s difficult to be positive when we know there are areas we would like to change if we could.

If excess hair is one problem area you’d like to eliminate, Electrolysis (permanent hair removal) can help you do just that. Electrolysis is still the only true permanent hair removal method and the only permanent treatment recognized by the FDA. Many different hair and skin types can benefit. Because it doesn’t target hair pigment (color) like laser, but attacks the follicle itself. People that aren’t good candidates for laser can still get electrolysis. Electrolysis eliminates any hair anywhere and treats all skin types.

30 Min. / $45.00  

60 Min. / $70.00 

15 Min. / $25.00